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At WLS, our mission is to create a more connected and vibrant table tennis community, both locally and globally, through a mobile-based platform. We provide resources, tools, and best practices to build and scale table tennis leagues and events that can be adapted to communities all around the world.


By standardizing our methods and utilizing mobile technology, we aim to help more people experience the fun and excitement of table tennis in a well-run and vibrant league environment without any of the hassles of paperwork or spreadsheets, and printers.

Our vision is to create a sort of( local league world system database) where players can find and compete in leagues just like theirs, no matter where they are in the world, all through the convenience of their mobile devices. Join us in our mission to create a more connected, accessible, and standardized approach to table tennis, and to build a global community of table tennis players and fans.

WLS is currently seeking partnerships with clubs and leagues looking to facilitate competitions with WLS and be featured in our community.

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