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League Directory:
Here is a directory of officially recognized table tennis clubs that utilize the WLS system and TTaiR rating system to organize recurring league events. You can use this directory to easily connect with and join leagues in your local area.

Download the WLS app here:
The WLS mobile app is required to participate is WLS leagues. the app is completely free to use.

 Revolutionizing Table Tennis Leagues with Standardization and Technology


Creating a Globalized Table Tennis Community

WLS (World League Syndicate) – Building a more connected, vibrant, and empowered table tennis community around the world.

Bringing Table Tennis Leagues Together

In every corner of the globe, table tennis has established itself as a sport that transcends boundaries, uniting players from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. However, underneath the surface of unity that the sport brings lies a fractured, disjointed system of league organization and management. Different regions, countries, and even cities host leagues that operate under varying rules, formats, and management styles, creating a landscape that is inclusive in its player base but fragmented in its structural foundation.

While numerous organizations have made commendable efforts to conduct tournaments, the concentration on league facilitation and management has been comparatively scant. In such a disconnected environment, WLS aspires to carve out a space where standardization, inclusivity, and empowerment are not just catchphrases but fundamental building blocks.

WLS: Catalyzing a New Era in Table Tennis

WLS is not merely a platform; it's a movement aimed at galvanizing a more coherent, interactive, and dynamic table tennis community both on a local and global scale. Our mission is manifold: to introduce a systemized approach to league creation and management, to bridge the various isolated islands of table tennis leagues, and to eliminate administrative hassles through the judicious use of technology.

But our vision goes beyond merely creating a streamlined management system. We envisage a future where players are not just participants but also empowered organizers, where the vibrancy of the community is fuelled by a system that is as engaging as it is efficient.

Technology: The Beacon of Player-Managed Competitions

In the traditional format, table tennis leagues, like many sports leagues, are heavily reliant on a bevy of officials to manage, referee, and oversee competitions.

WLS seeks to break free from these constraints by leveraging technology to introduce a new paradigm of player-managed competitions. Our mobile-based platform is not only a tool for organization and management but also an enabler of fair, self-regulated competitions without the requisite of officials.

With features that allow players to log scores, navigate through the league timeline, and connect with opponents. WLS offers a platform where players and clubs are in command, facilitating a competitive environment that is fair, transparent, and self-sufficient.

Building Bridges, Forming Alliances

Through this standardized, technologically empowered platform, we're building more than just leagues; we're crafting a global network of table tennis players. This network, while sharing a common thread of love for the sport, is also bound by a system that allows players and organizers to effortlessly traverse geographical and cultural boundaries, participating in and managing leagues that, while uniquely localized, adhere to a familiar, universal format.

In our pursuit, partnerships with clubs and leagues play a pivotal role. Collaborating with existing entities, we seek to blend local flavors with our standardized model, ensuring that while the system is consistent, it is also malleable enough to accommodate regional nuances.

Embarking on a Journey Together

WLS is not a solitary endeavor but a collective journey. It’s a syndicate where every player, organizer, and enthusiast is a vital cog in the machine, driving forward a vision where table tennis leagues are not just events but experiences, crafted on a platform that is globally standardized yet locally nuanced, technologically advanced yet user-friendly, and centrally managed yet player-empowered.

In this journey, every match played, every league organized, and every connection made, brings us one step closer to realizing our vision of a global table tennis community that is seamlessly connected, joyously vibrant, and empowered by technology.

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