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The Future of
Competitive Table Tennis

A mobile based competition management system, next generation rating system,
and global competitive ecosystem.

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Version 3 coming soon!

The Benefits of using WLS


Save a ton of time

Quickly set up, run and 

process competition Results 

through the WLS app

Compete with the world

Archive, View, and Search

Ranking and Results both Globally and Locally

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Know your skill

The Most Advanced Rating

 System for Table Tennis. Know your True Skill with TTaiR


Grow your community

We are Always Looking to Collaborate with Players, Clubs, and Institutions anywhere in

the world to Competitions 

and Special Events!  

WLS's app based player managed competition system lets players take control of managing their own leagues and single matches with minimal Time and effort 

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Not another Elo based Rating System. WLS has developed TTaiR specially for Table Tennis.

Playing single matches or leagues in WLS, all results are rated and ranked both locally and globally 


WLS works with clubs large and small to put on leagues and special events

all over the world

Having Player Managed Competition in mind means Facilitating Players to Score and Submit Sanctioned Results with Ratings and Rankings by automating and Simplifying  

The Universal Chores of Table Tennis Competition Management. For the first time Players Can Manage Table Tennis Competition Entirely on your Phone! With WLS Many Barriers of entry to Competition Management are lifted. Competitive Table Tennis Players have all the Tools they need in One Place. We Hope to Facilitate Table Tennis from the Basement to the Stadium for all kinds of Players. With WLS has Competitive Table Tennis can happen Anywhere Anytime. Start Competing through

WLS Today!  

There are many factors that determine how accurate a player's rating is in the current systems of ranking and ratings in table tennis. WLS has looked at the variables that affect the current rating system’s performance like USATT and Rating Central of accurate seeding, user psychology, and opportunities for gamification. As a result WLS has created TTaiR (table tennis artificial intelligence rating system) to support a better competitive experience that more accurately reflect Players Table Tennis Skills.

In The WLS App All Match Results are Processed Through the WLS Leaderboard Database. Results, Rankings and Ratings are available both by a Location Range and Globally. All the results are Archived and Searchable. Anyone in the World can Create an Account and Compete for a spot on the Ranking List. 

We Encourage's Players, Clubs, and Institutions all over over the World to reach out to WLS ( for Event Collaboration and Help or Tips on Running Competition with the App. our Goal is to Empower Players at all Levels by providing a competitive platform and Ecosystem for Everyone. We want to put your Local Club on the Map.    

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