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The World League Syndicate (WLS) app has revolutionized the way table tennis leagues are played. Not only does the app provide a user-friendly and intuitive platform for players and coaches to track scores and results, but it also includes the TTaiR rating system that updates player ratings instantly after being input. This eliminates the need for paper scoresheets and spreadsheet tracking, saving time and effort for players, coaches, and league directors. No more waiting for results for days and weeks!


One of the key differences between the TTaiR rating system and traditional Elo-based systems is its focus on long-term player development and mastery. Unlike the Elo system, which overvalues a player's performance in one tournament, TTaiR looks at a player's overall trajectory and potential for long-term success. This is achieved through the use of a fully redesigned algorithm that creates the most accurate assessment of a player's skill.


Additionally, the efficiency of the WLS league system allows players to participate in more sanctioned competitions, leading to an increased amount of results being captured in the WLS database. This, combined with the mobile-based nature of the app, allows for a much more accurate and up-to-date representation of a player's skill level, as opposed to the traditional Elo system, which may get distorted by location-based rating inflation.


Furthermore, the development of tools and technology by WLS has enabled a new era of player-managed table tennis leagues, where players can take on more responsibility for running their own leagues with less work involved. This empowers players to connect and compete with a global community of table tennis enthusiasts, leading to a more inclusive and dynamic table tennis culture.


Overall, the WLS app and TTaiR rating system represent a significant advancement in the world of table tennis, allowing players to more accurately track and measure their skills while providing a platform for more efficient and inclusive league management.

WLS is currently seeking partnership with clubs and leagues looking to facilitate competitions with WLS and be featured in our community.

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