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A whole new table tennis experience 
World League Syndicate Table Tennis is a mobile based global federation & ecosystem. A new way to experience table tennis 

A self managed global table tennis federation for players of all levels. WLS empowers beginners, experts, amateurs, & pros to play competitive table tennis anytime anywhere

The world’s best table tennis rating system
TTaiR (table tennis artificial intelligence rating system) is a next generation rating system designed specifically for table tennis by WLS. It is faster & more accurate at figuring out a player’s level then any other rating system in the world. TTaiR is in constant R&D to create a rating system that goes beyond just competitive matchmaking. TTaiR gives players a better understanding of their true skill level + progression    


Keep track of progress & play history effortlessly

With WLS players can create profiles to keep track of their match results, h2h history, TTaiR rating + rank history, & player bio.

WLS makes self managed sanctioned competition possible

Once a player makes a profile they can use WLS’s player managed sanctioned competition system to run & self record, & report results. WLS makes running leagues from 3-100 players effortless! The WLS competition system replaces spreadsheets, printers, pens, paper, manual division creation + player look up, & manual results entry. Everything in WLS is done through individual player’s WLS profile on their smart phones.

A leaderboard database for everyone everywhere in table tennis
All results process instantly. Once a player has finished and submitted a match or league the results process instantly to the leaderboard database. In the leaderboard database players can see all the ratings rankings & results of the WLS ecosystem globally, by location range, or the other player you follow. All matches played through WLS’s player managed competition system affect a player’s ranking & rating. At WLS we are always closely monitoring results to make sure they are authentic.



WLS News


OCT 01 2021 9:00AM EST

Download and print our adapter for VR Table Tennis for free!

The Future of Table Tennis

Aug 04 2021 9:00AM EST

World League Syndicate Is doing extensive R&D to come up with hardware and software solutions to help grow VR Table Tennis and incorporate it into the WLS competitive ecosystem along side Table Tennis in "real life". WLS believes the future of Competitive Table Tennis will incorporate "real life" with VR table tennis in a Collaborative and meaningful way. Click to read more.

wlsv2ad copy.png

WLS Beta app now on ios

Aug 02 2021 1:00AM EST

V2 WLS beta app out now with lots of bug fixes with improved League flow with added default capability. Full manager control in editing results. TTAiR has also undergone some maintinece to remove bugs and further optimize performance. Dowland The WLS app today for IOS and Android!


WLS Beta app now on ios

Mar 22 2021 8:00AM EST 

-Email us at your name and Email) & we will send you a link to the app in IOS test flight. the app will soon be available in the regular app store when we finish all our tests.

-Let us know your rating or rank from existing rating system when you message us. If yes we can adjust your TTaiR rating manually after you create a profile.

TTaiR Update

Mar 02 2021 8:00AM EST 

TTaiR Beta version is now online. TTaiR is now on a 100 scale conversion old rating 0000.0 /100 x 3= 000.0 TTaiR. TTaiR also has new changes under the hood (top secret) Check them out for your self! More updates coming soon.

Beta 1.0 now Available.

FEB 03 2021 8:00AM EST 

Create & Manage a Leagues with up to 100 players at once! Draws Automatically organized by player's TTaiR Ratings & results are instantly processed organized in the WLS Leaderboard Database. League Management tasks that used to take hours are now done instantly!

Check out the Beta Test Today.


Alfa now available 

JAN 15 2021 8:00AM EST 

WLS has released Version 24 of the alpha test. The app has  improved performance  and an updated user interface. Stayed Tuned for the next Alpha Test Update. Version 25 will have added scoring options and we will be featuring and testing our instant League System for the first time. New Features every week!



WLS Test App now available

for Android. IOS coming soon!

NOV 26 2020 1:00AM EST 

WLS App allows Players to Play Instant Ranked + Rated Matches anywhere there is a standard sized Tables and Friends around! WLS is Powered by TTaiR. TTaiR is a powerful next generation Rating System designed specifically for Table Tennis. For the First time ever Players of all Levels have access to a Univerale Local + Global Table Tennis Ranking and Rating that can be accessed and updated from any mobile device worldwide! New features and Updates are happening every week!