For the first time, table tennis players have all the tools they need in one place. From the basement to the stadium, WLS creates a premier competitive experience for all through a mobile app.


Know your level

The most advanced rating system for Table
Tennis. Not another Elo based rating system.  TTaiR uses a fully redesigned algorithm to create the most accurate assessment of a player's skill. 



Save time

Quickly set up, run, and process competition results through the WLS app. Whether you are at home or at your local club, WLS is the fastest solution for managing competitive play. 

with the world

Connect with the global table tennis community. 
Keep track of your's and everyone else's results.  show off your progress and see how high you can climb the rankings both locally and globally.


WLS is currently seeking partnership with clubs and leagues looking to facilitate competitions with WLS and be featured in our community.

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