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TTaiR Rating and league points system used for scoring leagues in WLS:

(In WLS the manager gives new players an estimated Rating on a scale of 15 to 50 which factors into WLS’s estimated rating algorithm. After 8 matches in the WLS system players will obtain an official TTaiR Rating.If a player is at the professional level of 50 or higher email us at for manual adjustment. )   

3.3 TTaiR Rating System

(These tables serve as a reference for users to understand certain outcomes based on their rating spread within the TTaiR system. The rating spread is a measure of the range within which a user's rating rewards and penalties can vary which measures player performance and controls seeding for leagues and ranking in the WLS System.)


3.3a TTaiR Rating System Scale:

  -beginner 15-25 +intermediate 26-35

+advanced 36-40 ++expert 41- 54 +++master 

55-60 ++++amature 61-65 +++++pro65-99   

3.4 League Points

(The accumulation of League points is what helps decide the winner and final places in a League. In WLS there are Wins, Losses, and three different options for defaulting. These 5 outcomes all have different point values which help accurately.)     

3.4a KEY>[Click]> (The League Key Shows under the top bar when clicked, the values of League Points for different outcomes in scoring.)

3.4a.Unplayed Match (An Empty Score Cell is a Match not yet Played) 

3.4b.WIN=2.00 League Points (A “Win” is a Match Won) 

3.4c.DEFAULT WIN=1.50 League Points (A “Default Win” is when another player defaults against you and does not play a match) 

3.4d.LOSS=0.50 League Points (A “Loss” is when a player loses a match)

3.4e.DEFAULT LOSS=0.00 League Points (A “Default Loss” is when a Player defaults against another player and decides to not play the match

3.4f.MUTUAL DEFAULT=1.00 League Points (A “Mutual Default” is when both players agree to not play a match)

3.4g HAT TRICK BONUS+ +.52 RATING POINTS (The Bonus in our league ensures accurate player seeding. If a player defeats three opponents who are within 1.5 rating points of their own rating, they receive a .52 rating bonus. This system helps to more accurately place players who consistently win against closely ranked competitors, ensuring a fairer and more competitive league structure.

3.4h. Tie-Breaker Mechanism in WLS: (The WLS employs a unique tie-breaker mechanism, utilizing a specialized formula that integrates the TTaiR Rating Points into the final League Point Tally. This formula adjusts a player's league points by adding points won or subtracting points lost during matches, essentially preventing ties by producing distinctive decimal outcomes. A higher TTaiR Rating complicates maintaining a top position due to diminished points for wins and increased deductions for losses, especially against lower-ranked players. For example, if Seed A and Seed F tie with equal league points, Seed A, with a higher TTaiR Rating, is disadvantaged, likely losing the tie due to the formula's scaled point adjustments. This system introduces a dynamic challenge, making league dominance strenuous for top-rated players while providing lower-ranked players a spirited platform to ascend in the standings, ensuring a competitive and engaging league experience for all participants.)

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