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     What makes TTaiR different from other Table Tennis rating systems?

  • Rating Verification System (RVS) Automatically Assigns Players Verified Ratings based on Results after the Player's first 5-10 Matches. This Onboarding feature Reduces the Chance of Players being Under Rated when switching over to using TTaiR Initially


  • TTaiR uses a 0.01-99.99 scale 99.99 being the highest possible rating & 0.01 being the lowest rating.'

  • TTaiR is optimized to accurately assess a players skill level as accurately as possible to ensure the best possible matchmaking & rankings both globally & locally.   

  • TTaiR uses Quantum Branches to govern the amount of rating points awarded/subtracted according to the the player’s skill level. This allows the point volatility to be more intense and gamified for beginner players. less volatile & more stable for advanced players. This makes TTaiR fun but not at the expense of accuracy.   

  • TTaiR is Powered by: Organic Intelligence Every population pyramid is unique, most can be categorized into three prototypical shapes expansive (young and growing). constrictive (elderly and shrinking),and stationary little to no population growth). TTaiR takes these patterns seen in logarithmic models of growth in nature and applies them to the skill levels of table tennis for a more accurate reflection of a players abilities and progression


- In a comparing Elo With TTaiR , we’re seeing the TTaiR rating is more accurate because it shows the player’s performance stabilizes quicker. This means, under TTaiR, a player’s true skillset (i.e rating) is determined quicker, and once determined, the rating follows a natural growth model, mirroring organic growth patterns. Once identifying the true skillset, the graph of growth stabilizes - it has less variation between the peaks and valleys.

 TTaiR shows clear consistent growth which is true to the form of how humans and nature grow. The player’s rating isn’t a sporadic, random set of events, the story of growth a player experiences is clearly visible and taken into account. Thus, TTaiR is predicting a player’s skillsets more accurately than Elo.