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TTaiR (Table Tennis Artificial Intelligence Rating) is the best rating system for table tennis players, offering a comprehensive and fair way to assess skill levels and rank players in tournaments and leagues. TTaiR is on a 0.01-99.99 scale, TTaiR provides more granularity than other rating systems, allowing players to be accurately ranked and seeded in tournaments and leagues with minimal inflationary effects.

Rating Verification for new players to the system

TTaiR has a rating verification system (RVS) for onboarding new players by automatically assigning a rating based on initial performance in the system. This represents the only form of sweeping rating adjustment, once out of RVS there are no more large rating adjustments in TTaiR. By automatically assigning everyone's initial rating with the RVS formula; TTaiR eliminates bottom-end inflation from estimated ratings and erratic adjustments. 

A system that adapts to a player's skill level automatically 

One of the key advantages of TTaiR is that it incorporates an Organic Intelligence model through a system of rating table branches based on the organic growth model seen in nature. The use of Organic Intelligence and quantum rating table branches allows for a more dynamic experience for emerging players, while providing stability and accuracy for advanced players. The rating system adapts the rating change according to a player's skill level. The higher a player’s TTaiR gets the more difficult it becomes to rise and fall in TTaiR the higher rated and more skilled a player gets in the system

Organic Intellgencince is more stable than an exponential growth model

 This model allows for a more stable and consistent rating system, with lower volatility and more accurate ratings. Other rating systems, such as Elo, are based on an exponential growth model, which can lead to rating inflation and less accurate ratings over time. 

No more confusing tie breakers

TTair even incorporates a sophisticated tiebreaker mechanism for use in leagues. With TTair the winner is determined by the player who had the statistically highest performance according to their assigned TTaiR rating rather than head 2 head performance. For example, if seed A and seed C have the same win-loss record C would win because statistically, seed A should always outperform seed C so with TTaiR C Places higher than A because They had the highest performance.

A new rating system designed specifically for table tennis 

With its combination of comprehensive rating, RVS, and tiebreaker mechanisms, and its use of a natural growth model through Organic Intelligence and Quantum Branches, TTaiR is the best choice for accurately and fairly ranking and matchmaking table tennis players.

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