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What is a hybrid league?

 WLS hybrid league is different from a normal WLS league in that only the manager enters the scores in the app rather than everyone using their own apps to enter their own personal scores from league with the in app digital score sheet . A traditional score sheet with pen and paper in combination with the app.  the manager adding the players to the league, manually submitting all the scores via the manager portal by themselves like in a traditional table tennis league. 

Hybrid leagues take longer to run than a normal WLS league but is sometimes necessary .

If you are trying to run a league with children, elderly, or people who do not use smart phones as a whole. Sometimes a manager will only have to keep a score sheet for 1 or 2 players which is not much added responsibility for the league manger.


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Managers can add players to a league who are not yet signed up with WLS.

WLS  has added a new option for accommodating players who have not or can not sign up and download the WLS app themselves. The Ghost Player feature lets managers create a Ghost profile for a player with just their name and email as a requirement. 

    Ghost Player Features:


  • Ghost players can be added to leagues by any manager

  •  Ability to maintain a TTaiR rating and ranking on the WLS database.

  • Ability to convert a Ghost account  into a normal account and keep previous player data when a player uses the same email associated with their ghost account to sign up when downloading the WLS app if they want to transition from being a Ghost to a normal account.

  • Ghost players can not submit their own scores and are reliant on the manger to enter Ghost player results in the manger portal themselves

  • Ghost players can not join a league with a play code. Ghosts can only be found, add, and created in the manager portal during a live league.

  • Ghost player can not play single matches with other players. two players need to be signed up normally and have the app to play sanctioned single matches on the WLS app.





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